Mini Digger Hire
Mini Digger Hire

Note: We also provide - Mini Digger and Driver in Herefordshire

Mini Digger Hire Herefordshire

See our range of micro diggers and mini diggers for hire below, ranging from a small 1 ton micro digger, 2 ton mini diggers to 6 ton diggers.

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We have a number of mini diggers for hire Herefordshire, including the micro 1 ton, the 1.5 ton, 2.3 ton, 3 ton and 3.5 ton all the way up to the bigger 5 ton and 6 ton models.

Hiring specialist items such as a mini digger is a great way to save you money as they tend to be used for one or two large jobs and not needed afterwards.

When you hire a mini digger from us you'll be hiring professional, tried and tested machinery. And you'll be able to tap into our knowledge for getting the best out of them too.

Please take a look at the models below. Or call us on 01608 661677 for advice and to secure your hire.

Current Mini Diggers for Hire Herefordshire

1 Ton Micro Digger Our Kubota U10-3 micro diggers have retractable tracks enabling them to pass through openings as small as 760mm.

1.5 Ton Mini Digger Our 1.5 ton Kubota diggers offer exceptional power and control.

2.3 Ton Digger Our 2.3 ton diggers are very easy to use and almost zero tail swing.

3 Ton Digger Our Kubota and Takeuchi 3 ton diggers offer a longer digging arm and more power than almost any other digger in this class.

3.5 Ton Digger The outstanding Kubota KX101 for hire.

5 Ton Digger The high specification TB250 5 ton digger gives you two-speed travel with a powerful diesel engine coupled to an excellent hydraulic system.

6 Ton Digger Hire our 6 Ton Kubota KX57 digger for larger jobs.

Mini Digger Hire - Guide

A mini excavator (or digger) is a term used in the construction industry for machines under 10 tons.

The smallest 1 ton micro digger machines are ideally suited for tight spaces or narrow access and as you are able to retract the tracks beneath the machine you can fit them through 750mm gaps.

Even our 1.5 ton mini diggers can fit through gaps of 1050mm, enabling access to rear gardens for example.

How to choose the right mini digger to hire Herefordshire

It's always a good idea to choose the right size machine for your job, follow these three simple steps:
  • Measure the access width you have, whether it's down the side of the house or through a gate and ensure you hire a narrow mini digger if required.
  • Consider the depth you need to dig to get the job done properly and,
  • How far the machine bucket on the digger can actually reach.

What can I do with a mini digger and are they easy to operate?

Mini diggers are very versatile; often used for digging foundation footings, digging holes, moving soil, levelling soil, removing hedging and tree stumps, creating ponds and lots of other jobs where hand digging would take much too much time and effort.

They're relatively simple to operate and have the useful safety feature of 'hands off-all stop' which means that if the operator removes their hands and feet from the controls the machine ceases to move.

Mini Digger Hire Herefordshire - Health and Safety

Always consider the safety aspects and formulate a safety plan. For example:
  • Always read the safety instructions that come with hired diggers prior to starting work.
  • Always wear PPE and use the seat belt.
  • Keep pedestrians, children and pets well away from the work area.
  • Avoid any potential crush hazards.
  • Be certain the buckets are fitted securely to prevent them falling off.
  • Beware of obstacles, overhead cables, buried services and surfaces that may collapse.
  • Aim to operate the machine from a level area, do not traverse any steep areas.
  • Beware of loose/slippery surfaces.

Mini Digger and Driver Hire Herefordshire

If you need a mini digger with driver in Herefordshire area visit our Mini Digger and Driver section

Mini Digger Hire Cotswolds, Gloucestershire and Warwickshire

See our range of micro diggers and mini diggers for hire below, ranging from a small 1 ton micro digger, 2 ton mini diggers to 6 ton diggers Herefordshire.

Areas we provide mini digger work to

South Warwickshire - Brailes, Ilmington, Mickleton, Shipston-on-Stour and surrounding villages.

Gloucestershire - Batsford, Bibury, Blockley, Bourton-on-the-Water, Broadway, Burford, Chipping Campden, Cotswold, Honeybourne, Moreton-in-Marsh, Northleach, Stow-on-the-Wold, Snowshill, The Slaughters, Winchcombe and surrounding villages.

North Oxfordshire - Chadlington, Charlbury, Churchill, Chipping Norton, Deddington, Great Rollright, Kingham and surrounding villages of The North Cotswolds.

Alderminster Mini Digger And Driver, Batsford Mini Digger And Driver, Bibury Mini Digger And Driver, Blockley Mini Digger And Driver, Bourton-on-the-Water Mini Digger And Driver, Brailes Mini Digger And Driver, Broadway Mini Digger And Driver, Burford Mini Digger And Driver, Chadlington Mini Digger And Driver, Charlbury Mini Digger And Driver, Chipping Campden Mini Digger And Driver, Chipping Norton Mini Digger And Driver, Churchhill Mini Digger And Driver, Compton Verney Mini Digger And Driver, Cotswolds Mini Digger And Driver, Deddington Mini Digger And Driver, Enstone Mini Digger And Driver, Eynsham Mini Digger And Driver, Ettington Mini Digger And Driver, Great Rollright Mini Digger And Driver, Honeybourne Mini Digger And Driver, Hook Norton Mini Digger And Driver, Ilmington Mini Digger And Driver, Kingham Mini Digger And Driver, Kidlington Mini Digger And Driver, Long Compton Mini Digger And Driver, Long Marston Mini Digger And Driver, Mickleton Mini Digger And Driver, Moreton-in-Marsh Mini Digger And Driver, Northleach Mini Digger And Driver, Shipston-on-Stour Mini Digger And Driver, Stow-on-the-Wold Mini Digger And Driver, Stretton-on-Fosse Mini Digger And Driver, Tysoe Mini Digger And Driver, Welford-on-Avon Mini Digger And Driver, Witney Mini Digger And Driver, Woodstock Mini Digger And Driver and surrounding villages & regions of South Warwickshire Mini Digger And Driver, Warwickshire Mini Digger And Driver, Gloucestershire Mini Digger And Driver, North Cotswolds Mini Digger And Driver, and North Oxfordshire Mini Digger And Driver.


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